3 Top Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

Striking out on a new career path can be a daunting prospect in today competitive climate. It’s vital that you ensure your resume is the one that stands out from the crowd and gets callbacks, and the way that you structure and word this all important document is the difference between forgettable and destined for the trash, to must-call material that is full of potential.


So let’s go through some of the best practices to adhere to when writing out your new CV.

1.     Talk the Talk

When you are advertising your skills and suitability for the job, the employer is going to want to hear you use job-specific terminology, as this is one of the key factor in judging you expertise in the particular field. However the last thing that you want to do is to look like your just shoehorning any old bit of jargon into your CV to look good, remember, natural use of this kind of language is key. A good rul;e of thumb is too ask yourself “Have I or would I ever have said this if we were talking face to face” If the answer is no, it has to go.

2.     Structural Integrity

Just like a well-constructed building, a great CV needs to flow and link perfectly and each individual paragraph should support and help showcase the thought that you have put into writing it on your end. You want your CV to be clean, clear and neat which, in turn will make it far easier to read and easier to see why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Just take a look on the web for some layouts and you will be able to find job-specific examples to follow (although plagiarism is frowned upon greatly and will ensure that you are not asked to an interview).

3.     Look The Part on  LinkedIn

Humans are influenced by what they see as well as what they read and what you are looking to do is create a human connection with the person reading you resume. That’s quite hard to do with words but is fairly simple with a photograph. Ensure that the picture is warm and inviting and gives the air that you would be easy to talk to, remember that approachability is key. LinkedIn is a great place to look for work and whatever you decide to do with your new CV it should include going on LinkedIn to connect with industrys and individual business that you would be interested in working with. For LinkedIn having a professional looking photograph is vital and we would recommend getting a professional photographer to assist you with it. Follow this link for more information on getting a professional LinkedIn headshot.


We hope that with these helpful tips you can get out there and nail that dream jopb you’ve always aspired too!