4 Things You Do To Annoy The DJ

Being a DJ has its perks. The thrill of lighting up a dance floor with the hottest tracks around and fuelling a crowds good time is a great feeling and is why the majority of DJ’s love doing what they do. But like any job there are downsides, most of the time these downsides revolve around the stupid things that people say/do throughout the course of the night.dj

From requesting that one Avril Lavigne constantly song at a House music night, to dumb excuses why you have to play their song now, like right now. Here’s a list of ways you can frustrate your DJ and guarantee that you will never get a request from this guy.

1.     Requesting inappropriate music

What we mean by that is if the DJ is playing R+B at an R+B night it’s logical to assume that they have planned and R+B set. Coming up and obnoxiously asking if he can play Hip Hop or Pop is just plain irritating.

He probably spent a good couple of hours to a couple of days (depending on the size and importance of the ig) working on a playlist to not only entertain the crowd but to slowly build up to a great finish and to propel the overall atmosphere of the club as the night progresses.  And your Barry Mannilow song isn’t going to assist with that.

2.     Holding your drink over the equipment

Dude? Seriously? Do you know how much a club P.A system is? The reality is that the DJ in the club is pretty unlikely to EVER play your song anyway. Holding your drink precariously over the thing powering the entire night at this club is just going to guarantee it. And woe betide you if you do happen to spill that drink, the club manager and probably those beefy bouncers you saw are not going to be happy with you.

3.     “What songs do you have?”/”How many song have you got?”

Jeez this one grates after a while. Yeah, they have a lot of music; an average DJ can have at any one point around 3000 individual songs. You want him to sit there rattling them off to you in sequence in the middle of his set so you can choose? How about they come into your office job and ask you to name all of your company’s clients for them? Doesn’t sound fun right?

4.     Trying to talk to them in the middle of a set

Unless you wanted your convocation to consist entirely of the word “What?” shouted back and forth between you guys, he’s unlikely to be able to hold a conversation with you. Furthermore, as we mentioned he is working and trying to focus. So maybe chat to somebody else.

Hopefully your sound of mind enough to follow some of this advice, who knows, maybe they might actually play your song. Please follow this link for more information on DJ hire.