A brief guide to renting outdoor furniture for your wedding


A breif guide to renting outdoor furniture for your wedding.

So its finally come to planning your big day! The venue is booked along with the church and the dress and caterers arranged. So now how about the function itself? Ever popular is the option to have a sit down meal or buffet outside, the beautiful touch of nature and the great outdoors adding another layer to an already magical event. However if you are thinking of having such an event then there are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing where to source the furniture as the choices can vary between budget and type of even. Hopefully this guide will help you make the right choice.

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The right company maketh the right wedding.

Just in your local area there are probably dozens of different furniture hire companys that are ready to help. However they can be very different in terms of what is offered and what functions these company’s specialize in catering to. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing:

– Quality and Care: The main difference between companies wil not be based on price. It will be based on the quality of the products that they have in their selection. Frequently, less reputable companies have been know to send table linens that are damaged or stained, or too short and not suitable for the task at hand.

-Delivery Windows: As with any business the provider of your hire furniture has to work around pre existing commitments to other customers and subsequently may not be able to assist you on your particular dat or time frame. Make sure your provider is aware of your requirements in advance to avoid any potential mishaps on your big day.

– Return Condition: Another key factor is what condition your chosen company requires dishes and silverware to be returned in. Some require that dishes are merely scraped and glasses emptied. However other company’s will insist on their dishes and cutlery being completely cleaned before being returned. Make sure that the requirements of your company is clearly outlined in preparation for the day itself to ensure that the return and packing up of celebrations can run as smoothly as possible.

– Minimum Order amounts: While a lot of companies ill be happy to take on a simple low end order of 100 garden chairs. Many companies will not accept orders of under a certain value, usually associated with the expenditure of delivering the furniture and setting up the venue. Be sure to check with serveral companies to check the standard order amount in your area. As well as to help you scale your budget to a realistic level that a company is happy to work with. If you are arranging the hire of your seating and other furniture yourself it is probably best to start the process of obtaining a general quote with several more high end comapnies and maybe a few lower end. As they say, if you dont ask you dont get, click here for further assistance regarding outdoor furniture party hire