How to choose a caterer for your wedding

Your wedding is supposed to a magical day, full of emotionally charged moments and eye watering speeches that pull the heartstrings as well as tears. The declarations of love and the proud family, standing by throughout looking as proud as they can of their relative finally settling down to start their own family. Such an important occasion will require that you organize quite a few things in order for your guests to fully enjoy the evening and get into the swing of things in time for the reception and one of these considerations will be how you plan on feeding everybody on the day.

wedding dayObviously this being a large, prestigious occasion, you will be expected to not only feed your guests but for the quality of the meal to match the quality of the day’s events. More often than not people employ the help of professional caterers who are experienced in handling the feeding arrangements for large gatherings like this and can help you by taking that responsibility off your shoulders. However it is a rather large responsibility so it is imperative that you give it to the right caterers. You may be wondering how you actually make a decision on this, lucky for you, we can help show you exactly what you need to be looking for.


catererThe catering company you plan to use could have the greatest Michelin star chefs in the world working for them, however, if they are managed with little to no previous experience of putting on a large event, specifically a wedding, then they shouldn’t really be considered too seriously. After all there are so many different factors to take into account that it can be left down to the inexperienced. The main considerations of the day would be the scale of the event, meaning how many people they have to prepare food for in what timeframe.

They will also have to be able to factor in the immense job of cleaning and tidying away the prep items and their own equipment as this is something that often adds time onto their bill which you end up paying for. Ask to see example menus of particular wedding and then proceed to “grill’ them about how happy the bride and groom were with not only the food but the overall service that they provided. It’s easy to find an experienced and reputable catering service by merely looking online to find a few reviews from previous customers. Make sure to source reviews from a variety of different websites to establish their authenticity.

Variety and selection and your requirements

variety selection foodThe selection that your caterer is able to provide is pretty heavily dependent on the kind of caterers that you choose. For example, a specialist Thai food caterer is very unlikely to have to knowledge or equipment to produce pizza, pasta and so on. While you wouldn’t expect them to diversify away from the cuisine that their company usually prepares, they should at least be flexible enough to offer a range of food for people of different tastes to choose from. For example, they should each include selections for vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian dinners on the menu as well as a range of child friendly items.

All of these things should indicate to you just how much variety the company has to offer, how flexible their chefs can be but most importantly that they are able to compromise and match your requirements as closely as possible to give you the wedding day that you deserve and are ultimately paying for. However it’s important to remember that you can’t simply hold this over their head when you don’t get your way, all this will do is create friction between you and potentially hamper the finished product as they try to meet demands that are strictly speaking beyond their capabilities to improve on.