Promoting your brand: what kinds of promo products can you use

Promotional products have been around in some form or another since Victorian times, it has now grown from a small scale practice for certain businesses to a massive industry that many larger companies now incorporate and rely on as part of their overall marketing and promotional campaign. Central to this philosophy is the promotion of your brand through these promotional products, most of these items can be customized to be any colour, shape and with any image or writing that you desire. With this in mind it’s easy to come up with attractive products to help reinforce your brand to your customers, so let’s take a look at some of the things that you can use to do this.

Custom Keyrings

So how often do you look at your keys every day? At least twice a day, normally more, and most people have some kind of accessory attached to their keys, normally either to make it easier to fish out of your pocket or to make them easier to see when you inevitably look for them every morning. So it’s no surprise that many companies are turning to these frequently used items to remind people about their company and what they do. They are a very highly customizable item with there being applications like a useful bottle opener to help encourage the recipient to look at your product repeatedly, click the following link for more information on the different kinds of custom made keyrings.

Shoulder bags

A great way of increasing your brands visibility, short of commissioning a billboard at an astronomical cost, is to give out some attractive and eye-catching shoulder bags, with your logo and company colors as well as any other relevant branding for your company. The idea behind this is that if the recipient likes the design of the bags or it is particularly useful to them (e.g. students) then it not only gives a good impression to your company making it more memorable for the person wearing it, but also when they wear it in public it is effectively promoting your business for a great cost per impression!


Bottle Openers

Now it’s no secret that Aussies like a beer after a long day’s work, a stubby on a hot summers afternoon is in way a valued tradition. So with that said Australians tend to have a multitude of bottle openers and as we stated before, anything that your potential customers have to look at or use on a regular basis is a great tool to help promote your company. The other upside to using a bottle opener in particular is that an interesting looking bottle opener can actually draw interest form other people who see you using it. We’ve all had that moment where we ask our friend where they got their cool looking bottle opener from.