Things to plan for your wedding day

They say that apart from witnessing the birth of your children, the day of your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and with the importance both culturally and sometimes religiously of this occasion there will no doubt be many different aspects to the wedding that you will want to go without any kind of hitch in order for you to focus on the most meaningful moments that will occur. It’s no wonder then that some of these things will inevitably slip the mind and it’s important to remember that the wedding day it requires a fair deal of attention both before and during the day itself.

However, as we discussed, due to the fact that the day is so important and there are so many different factors and considerations to make, it can be overwhelming for some. Therefore, we have compiled a few things that can occasionally go under the radar leaving many short at the last minute, so you can spend less time on your organizing things on the day, and more time creating the treasured memories with your loved ones.

Your staff

Odds are that on the day itself you’re going to have a small crowd of people whose sole task is to help you by providing various services and assisting you in making sure that all of the separate features of your wedding come together as a cherished and happily remembered the memory of your big day. As they work so hard to do all of this is customary and in some cases, compulsory, to provide your staff with some food and refreshments at some point during the night to keep them fuelled. Most caterers will require you to approve the number of guests you require food for 2 weeks in advance of the day and your vendor meals are something that will need to be factored into the final numbers.

However these meals are usually given at a significantly reduced cost, you also need to bear in mind that these meals are for everyone you have employed in a third party manor, so make sure that nobody is left without, imagine seeing everybody else get a plate of free food only to find out that you didn’t get one.


Marriage licensing and administration

It’s important that before the ceremony begins that you have made yourselves familiar with, and are following your local authorities’ guidelines, regulations and laws regarding marriages and civil unions. They can vary quite a bit dependent on your countries laws and regulations and also the cultural standard that your country has. Your local government body should have printed and online materials regarding this topic would clearly outline what is and isn’t allowed.

You must also get your union registered with your local registrar in order to receive the appropriate certification and that your marriage is recognized legally for future administrative purposes. While not a particularly exciting element of your wedding, it is a most important part.



Your weddings guestbook is the sort of things that I envisage you will treasure. Flicking through the well-thumbed and weathered pages of the different signatures, messages of well-wishing and congratulations for years to come, whether you are doing it to fondly remember in times of calm melancholy or in more challenging periods of your life that unfortunately are inevitable.

While it’s not an amazingly important decision to make, you still don’t want your guestbook to age terribly due to poor materials or worse still, degrade due to poor construction, so make sure that you find one with a sturdy design and good quality materials.



Now the chances are that you have been reading a lot of articles that advise you of the best practices for planning your wedding and the further chances are still even more likely that you have a good idea of what kind of music that you want yourself and your guests to enjoy, however, there are still great options to be had that can help your wedding remain unique and individual to you.

Why not take a look at local wedding musicians for hire to keep a personal and concert feeling to your weddings after party and really help you to forge new memories for you and your guests.